Poor little fella – Snake on Qantas Plane

Left cairns this morning @ 6:10am bound for Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. About 15mins into the flight a lady passenger had signalled for the Qantas Flight Crew that there was a Snake On the plane, literally.
To everyones disbelief there was a 3m long snake tucked away under the left wing of the Aircraft holding on for its dear life as we headed towards Papua New Guinea.
The Cabin Crew confirmed it was a snake, the Captain of the aircraft confirmed it was a snake.. and so it was, ‘snakes on plane’ ! Though it was very saddening to see the snake get battered around as the plane cut through the air, at the same time trying to hold on at -12 Degrees¬†Celsius;¬†when the plane was at its highest cruising altitude.

See full interview and video here on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

Snake on Plane Qantas

Snake on Plane on way to Papua new Guinea